What Does a Rain Delay and Rainout Mean in Baseball?

Rain delay is the term used to describe a game that has been delayed due to weather conditions. For example, if it rains during a game and a player makes a catch in the outfield, that can be considered a rain delay. A rainout is similar to a raindelay, except it means that a scheduled game will not happen because of poor weather conditions.

If there is enough bad weather, then a team can call for a rainout, which would prevent them from playing the next day. If they play a doubleheader on a given day, however, both teams are allowed to participate in only half of the doubleheaders. This means that either team may be eliminated from playoff contention by having played two full games.

There are some other ways that MLB players can get involved in a rainout.

What Does a Rain Delay and Rainout Mean in Baseball?
What Does a Rain Delay and Rainout Mean in Baseball?

Can Baseball Games Play in the Rain?

Both Major and Minor League baseball games can play in light rain. Some games play through light rain as long as it doesn’t impact the game, and the storm will clear soon. When it rains, the tarp is put on to keep the rain from puddling on the deck.

Umpires can try and get the game through even when it’s raining heavily during the ninth inning. If the radar says that the rain will continue for a few hours, and there’s only one or two more outs left in the game, the umpires may let the players play through the weather even if it’s raining. Overall, the game should continue until the pitcher’s mound, batter’s box, and field are dry.

A rain delay will occur when the dirt around the pitcher’s mound is so wet that the pitcher can’t throw properly. If the pitcher cannot get a good grip on the baseball, that is a safety issue.

What Causes a Baseball Rain Delay?

If the weather is so bad that it causes a rain delay, that means the official game hasn’t started yet. Outside of rain, games can go into a hold for extreme fog, lightning, hail, and snow.

These weather conditions make the game unsafe to play, so they go in as an official rain delay. Usually, the grounds crew already knows what the weather will be like for a game. The umpire crew looks at the amount of time the weather will remain around the stadium and gives them an estimate. The rain delay might be as little as 30 minutes to a few hours.

Can a Rain Delay Occur Before a Game?

Rain delays happen more than you might expect. There have been times when rain delayed a baseball game by several hours, but most games don’t last that long. So how does this work? Well, the first thing to know is that the weather doesn’t always cooperate with the schedule.

If you’re playing on a field that’s covered in grass, then it will be easier to get through the day without any problems. However, if you’re playing on a field that has dirt or sand underneath, then you may need to wait until the next day before the game can start.

You should also keep in mind that the rules of a ballgame are different from those of a soccer match or a basketball game. For example, a football team needs to practice twice a week to prepare for a game, while a tennis player only needs to train once per week. This means that you’ll need to adjust your training time depending on what sport you play.

What was the Longest Rain Delay in Baseball?

The longest rain delay in Major League Baseball happened on August 12, 1990. The match lasted from 9:00 AM to 1:23 PM and the delay lasted 7 hours and 23 minutes.

Can a Rainout Occur in the Postseason or World Series?

A rainout is when a game scheduled to be played in the regular season gets postponed. This usually happens because of inclement weather.

If you’re planning on attending the MLB playoffs, you might want to check whether your team could face a rainout. If this does happen, you’ll need to make sure that you have access to tickets. You should also try to get an alternative date for the game.

In the case of the World Series, you can’t really expect to avoid a rainout. However, you can hope for the best.

You can still watch the games online. Many people do this, and it’s actually a great way to keep track of the action without having to worry about missing anything.

There are many different ways that a rainout can affect a sports schedule. For example, you may not know what time the next day’s game will start. Or you may miss out on the chance to purchase playoff tickets.

What Are the Baseball Rain Delay Rules?

Rain delays the game until all players have been sent back to the clubhouse and a big tarp is put up over the pitcher’s mound. Wet ground will slow down runners, so the field crew must hurry to lay out the infield and outfield before the game. They don’t cover the infield because it drains well.

If a specific batter was up, say he was with one ball and two-strike count, the game would continue once the rain delay is over. When the home team has led by 15 or more runs at any point in the game, the game is considered an official game. A rain-delay means the team that is scheduled to play in a stadium with artificial turf must have its game cancelled.

A rainout means that the game has been called off due to bad weather conditions. If the game is going to go into a rain delay and is eventually called before 15 outs, the game is canceled. A canceled game usually means that the game will be made up later as a doubleheader.

Can You Have More Than One Rain Delay in a Major League Baseball Game?

You can have more than one rain delay during a Major League Baseball game. In a typical Major League Baseball game, the rain delay lasts until play resumes. A rain delay is typically 40-80 minutes in length and each team will be allotted approximately 20 minutes.

Do Retractable Room Stadiums Have Rain Delays?

Retractable roofing systems are designed to protect the players from bad weather conditions. This means that the stadium will remain open when the skies are clear, but the roof will automatically close once the first drops of rain fall.

However, it doesn’t always happen like that. If the wind is blowing in the wrong direction, then the rain won’t actually reach the field. In these cases, the fans don’t need to worry about getting wet. However, they should make sure that their seats are covered by umbrellas.

Stadiums also sometimes get delayed due to the rain. For example, a football team may decide to postpone its game until later in the day because of inclement weather. The reason for this is simple:

What Baseball Stadiums Are in a Dome or Have a Retractable Roof?

A game that’s called off in the last few seconds before it’s about to start is one of the worst things to happen to a baseball fan. A rain check contest means that the competition for that day won’t happen, and it will occur at a later time. Some stadiums have a retractable roof or a dome, so you don’t have to worry about rainouts if you go to those stadiums.

This is the new home of the Milwaukee Brewers. Chase Field in Arizona will be the home of the Arizona Diamondbacks. Globe Life Park in Texas will be the home of the Texas Rangers. SunTrust Park, formerly known as PNC Park, in Miami is home to the Miami Marlins.

Rain Delay Vs. Rainout Explanation

A rain delay is a brief stoppage in play during a baseball game. Weather delays are caused by rain, lightning, hail, or snow. If the weather looks good, they’ll call it off, and you should be able to catch the end of the game.

A rainout isn’t just an inconvenience to the fans but to the team itself. Rainouts often have negative effects, such as bad weather conditions that make it difficult for the field to dry out, or a lack of sleep because of the late start time. For example, if the start time for the rainout will start at 11:00 PM EST, then the rainout could happen because that game is too late and one of the teams is traveling the next day and needs to get on a flight the next morning.

What Happens if a Game Goes into a Rainout After 5 Innings and the Game is Tied?

A tie game after the fifth inning is suspended and then played on another day. There’s no reason to schedule this match for a doubleheader; since both teams have a day off, it’ll be made up later in the year.

Can a Rainout Occur Before a Game Starts?

You can also get a rainout before the game even starts if the weather doesn’t look good, or if the start of the game will be too late to play. Sunday Night Baseball has a game at 8:00 PM EST with the Oakland A’s and the San Diego Padres.


Baseball games can be played in light rain. A rain delay can happen if the weather isn’t improving for a few hours. The delay stops the action, and a tarp is put up to keep the field dry. A rainout means that there was no play because of weather. It’s raining in Cleveland, but it’s not a rainout. A rainout will not cancel the postseason or World Series, but it will definitely impact the start time of game. Instead, they resumed action the next day from the rainout.

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