What is a Fault in Tennis?

What is a Fault in Tennis

An invalid serve attempt in tennis is caused by a violation committed by the server or the player returning the serve. This violation is witnessed and called by the umpire or line judge. A fault can seem effortless during a match, but most players consider it a mistake. Additionally, they put a lot of effort … Read more

What is a Deuce in Tennis?

What is a Deuce in Tennis

Tennis has a deuce, basketball has overtime, football has extra time, and soccer has extra time. The deuce is another type of tiebreaker used on ATP tennis courts. Unlike the tiebreaker seen at the end of a set, this tiebreaker occurs during a single game. To win a singles match, a player must win multiple … Read more

How Long Is a Tennis Match?

How Long Is a Tennis Match?

A tennis match lasts between four and six hours, but most people would agree that the best matches are longer. The main reason for this is because it’s important to play aggressively if you’re looking to win. If you’re not playing with aggression, you might find yourself losing. It’s also true that a good serve … Read more