What is a Fair Catch in Football?

What is a Fair Catch in Football

You might see the receiving team on a kick wave their arm before catching it when you watch a football game on TV or in person. Waving your hand signals that the receiving unit is making a fair catch. What is a fair catch, why do teams use it, and what happens if there is … Read more

What is a Double Dribble in Basketball?

What is a Double Dribble in Basketball

To score in basketball, you must dribble, pass, and shoot the ball. It’s natural for violations to occur during a match if players don’t follow the rules. Double dribbles aren’t common in the NBA / WNBA, but are more common in other leagues. What does a double dribble violation in basketball mean? The complete breakdown … Read more

What is a Deuce in Tennis?

What is a Deuce in Tennis

Tennis has a deuce, basketball has overtime, football has extra time, and soccer has extra time. The deuce is another type of tiebreaker used on ATP tennis courts. Unlike the tiebreaker seen at the end of a set, this tiebreaker occurs during a single game. To win a singles match, a player must win multiple … Read more

What is a DB in Football?

What is a DB in Football

DB stands for “defensive back” in American football. These players cover the backfield as the last line of defense. Due to their athleticism and ability to make plays, many defensive backs quickly become fan favorites. The following is a breakdown of what an American Football defensive back does. What are the Defensive Positions on the … Read more

What is a Cutter Pitch?

What is a Cutter Pitch

It is likely that New York Yankees fans felt confident about their chances when Mariano Rivera entered the game. It’s no secret that Rivera’s cut fastball was one of the best in the game, and hitters had difficulty squaring it up to make solid contact. In addition to his All-Star appearances, 5 World Series Championships, … Read more

What Does Plus-Minus Mean in Hockey?

What Does Plus-Minus Mean in Hockey?

During an ice hockey game, the plus-minus (+/-) statistic measures how many goals a player scores versus how many goals he concedes. Although there is some controversy surrounding the significance of the statistic, fans should understand why teams keep track of it. Here’s everything you need to know about +/-, how to calculate it, and … Read more

What Does PIM Mean in Hockey?

What Does PIM Mean in Hockey?

PIM stands for Penalty Infraction Minutes in ice hockey. Each player (or team) accumulates penalty minutes during a game. The PIM does not take into account the length of a player’s penalty. Instead, it focuses on how many minutes each player was given. How is PIM Calculated in Hockey? PIMs, measure how many penalty minutes … Read more

Top 5 Sports Betting Apps in Massachusetts


One of the biggest US sports fan bases is in Massachusetts, with world-famous teams like the Red Sox and the New England Patriots. Many betting platforms are active in the state. This article covers the five best sports betting apps.  1. MyBookie  MyBookie accepts bets on baseball, hockey, football, basketball, and other major sports. It … Read more

A Guide to Sports Team Branding: What You Need to Know

A Guide to Sports Team Branding

Whether you’re a die-hard fan or just a casual observer, there’s no denying the power of sports team branding. A well-crafted brand can inspire loyalty and excitement in fans, and create an identity that extends far beyond the playing field. If you’re looking to get started in sports team branding, this guide is for you. … Read more