What is a Field Goal in Basketball?

What is a Field Goal in Basketball

During a basketball game, a field goal is a basket scored from any part of the court. Depending on where the shot was taken, all field goals have a value between one and three points. The different types of field goals, examples, and more during a basketball game are explained here. Why Is it Called … Read more

What is a Fault in Tennis?

What is a Fault in Tennis

An invalid serve attempt in tennis is caused by a violation committed by the server or the player returning the serve. This violation is witnessed and called by the umpire or line judge. A fault can seem effortless during a match, but most players consider it a mistake. Additionally, they put a lot of effort … Read more

5 Safety Tips to Prevent ATV Accidents

Safety Tips to Prevent ATV Accidents

ATV accidents can be hazardous and often result in serious injuries. You must learn to stay safe if you own an ATV or plan to ride one. Whether new to ATV riding or a seasoned pro, practicing safe driving techniques is the best way to avoid a crash. Here are five tips to keep you … Read more

What is a False Start in Football?

What is a False Start in Football

During an NFL or college football game, there are a variety of penalties that can occur. You might wonder why some penalties seem similar but result in different outcomes, such as false starts, neutral zone infractions, and offsides. In some cases, penalties are against the offense, while in others, they are against the defense. What … Read more

Soldo rakes in $180m from Temasek-led Series C

Temasek has led a $180 million Series C funding round for UK PayTech firm Soldo, which was led by the Chinese investor. Also participating in the capital raise was Sunley House Capital, Advent International, Citi Ventures, Batter Ventures, Silicon Valley Bank, Dawn Capital, Accel Partners, and Silicon Valley Bank. With Soldo, you can manage your … Read more

What is a Fair Catch in Football?

What is a Fair Catch in Football

You might see the receiving team on a kick wave their arm before catching it when you watch a football game on TV or in person. Waving your hand signals that the receiving unit is making a fair catch. What is a fair catch, why do teams use it, and what happens if there is … Read more

What is a Double Dribble in Basketball?

What is a Double Dribble in Basketball

To score in basketball, you must dribble, pass, and shoot the ball. It’s natural for violations to occur during a match if players don’t follow the rules. Double dribbles aren’t common in the NBA / WNBA, but are more common in other leagues. What does a double dribble violation in basketball mean? The complete breakdown … Read more

What is a Deuce in Tennis?

What is a Deuce in Tennis

Tennis has a deuce, basketball has overtime, football has extra time, and soccer has extra time. The deuce is another type of tiebreaker used on ATP tennis courts. Unlike the tiebreaker seen at the end of a set, this tiebreaker occurs during a single game. To win a singles match, a player must win multiple … Read more

What is a DB in Football?

What is a DB in Football

DB stands for “defensive back” in American football. These players cover the backfield as the last line of defense. Due to their athleticism and ability to make plays, many defensive backs quickly become fan favorites. The following is a breakdown of what an American Football defensive back does. What are the Defensive Positions on the … Read more